F02 - The Path Not Taken - Early Experiences with IDAA Assessments

Session Number: 229
Track: Big Data and Analytics
Session Type: Podium Presentation
Primary Presenter: Meir Zohar [Solunet Acs]
Time: Apr 30, 2013 (02:00 PM - 03:00 PM)
Room: Bonaire 5&6

Speaker Bio: Meir Zohar has been working with mainframe for almost 30 years and with DB2 for over 20. An independant consultant for the past 5 years, Meir works with many DB2 customers on z/OS and LUW mainly in the areas of performance and security and teaches numerous DB2 and z/OS classes at all level. Meir has been the co-founder and co-chair of the Isreal DB2 User Group for the past 15 years and has spoken at several IDUG and regional RUG conferences.
Audience experience level: Intermediate
Presentation Category: Emerging Technology
Presentation Platform: DB2 for z/OS
Audiences this presentation will apply to: Data Architects, Database Administrators
Technical areas this presentation will apply to: User Experiences
Objective 1: Introduction to IDAA - what it is and how it can help your business
Objective 2: Assessing potential savings using IDAA - inhouse, off site, data collection and reporting
Objective 3: Data Security for paranoid Security Officer - how to do an offsite IDAA assessment without telling IBM "anything" about your data and your applications?
Objective 4: Potential pitfalls and challenges in an IDAA assessment and implementation
Objective 5: What's next in DB2 acceleration ?

Abstract:  IDAA is being offered as a complementary access path to DB2, enabling accelerated access to large amounts of data with improved elapsed times. Mileage may vary (alot) and an assessment phase to identify potential savings should be undertaken.
This presentation describes one such assessment at a site that was unable to install an IDAA box or send the required data "in the clear".