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D01 - DB2 Internals for Administrators : Updated for Latest Release - Part 1

Session Number: 1358
Track: DB2 for LUW - II
Session Type: Podium Presentation
Primary Presenter: Matt Huras [IBM]

Camelback => Tue, May 13, 2014 (12:45 PM - 01:45 PM)

Speaker Bio: Matt Huras is an IBM Distinguished Engineer, and chief architect of DB2 on the Linux Unix and Windows platform. Matt has been with IBM for over 25 years, and has a Bachelor of Applied Science from the University of Waterloo, and a Master of Engineering from the University of Toronto. He's worked on various areas within
DB2, including the database kernel, data management, index management, locking, concurrency and other protocols.

Audience experience level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Presentation Category: Emerging Technology, Managing Availability, Managing Database Resources, Managing Performance
Presentation Platform: DB2 for Linux, UNIX, Windows
Audiences this presentation will apply to: Database Administrators
Technical areas this presentation will apply to: Database Performance (DB2 for LUW), Disaster Recovery (DB2 for LUW), High Availability (DB2 for LUW), New Release (DB2 for LUW)
Objective 1: Give DBAs that deeper level of internals knowledge that will help them optimally configure and tune DB2 LUW.
Objective 2: Provide details on newer features, such as BLU, pureScale, Storage Groups.
Objective 3: Provide details on tablespace management and I/O.
Objective 4: Provide details on memory management and processing architecture.
Objective 5: Provide details on table and index management, logging and recovery.

Abstract:  This presentation is an in-depth explanation of the internals of DB2 on the Unix, Windows and Linux platforms. It will delve into storage management, table management, logging, locking, memory management and other areas in detail. The session will focus on those aspects of DB2's internal workings and the external knobs and switches available to control them, that are important for DBAs to appreciate in order to get the most out of their DB2 installations and keep their user communities happy. Attention will be given to the capabilities in the latest DB2 releases - 10.1 and 10.5 - including new Storage Groups, Workload Management, Adaptive Compression, pureScale and BLU Acceleration.

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