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EDS4 - DB2 for LUW Top Gun Performance Highlights

Session Number: 2424
Track: Ed. Sem
Session Type: Educational Seminar
Primary Presenter: Martin Hubel [President - MHC Inc.]
Co-Presenter 1: Scott Hayes [President & CEO - DBI Software]

Conestoga => Tue, May 05, 2015 (08:00 AM - 12:00 PM)

Speaker Bio: Martin Hubel is an independent consultant and has worked extensively with DB2 since 1985. Martin develops and teaches DB2 advanced courses and is recognized as a leading authority in the field. He has been using DB2 Universal Database on Linux, Unix, and Windows since 1993 and has participated in several beta test programs for these platforms. He is an IBM Information Champion, and a member of the IDUG Volunteer Hall of Fame and currently on the IDUG Content Committee. He is a member of the DB2 LUW SAP Technical Leadership Exchange.

Audience experience level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Presentation Category: Application Design, Managing Database Resources, Managing Performance
Presentation Platform: DB2 for Linux, UNIX, Windows
Audiences this presentation will apply to: Application Developers, Database Administrators, New Users
Technical areas this presentation will apply to: Database Performance (DB2 for LUW), New Release (DB2 for LUW)
Objective 1: 1. Physical I/O
a. Synchronous and asynchronous I/O
b. Buffer pool configuration
c. I/O configuration parameters

Objective 2: 2. Logical I/O
a. Index design
b. Table design
c. DB2 10.5 BLU
d. Catalog queries for tuning
Objective 3: 3. SQL Tuning
a. Finding SQL to tune
b. Explain
c. Design advisor
Co-speaker Name: Scott Hayes
Co-speaker Bio: Scott Hayes is President & CEO of DBI Software, an IBM Information Champion, a DB2 blogger, tweeter, and Host of The DB2Night Show™ Edutainment Webinar Series. Scott has been a regular speaker and lecturer at worldwide IDUG conferences since 1996. He’s never met a DB2 LUW database that he could make run measurably faster in 60 minutes or less.

Abstract:  This half-day course, current to DB2 10.5, will teach how to configure and tune DB2 LUW databases for maximum performance and availability. Included are strategies for memory and CPU optimization, techniques for speeding up I/O, and what and how to monitor and measure for most effective results.

Attendees will learn dozens of key metrics that must be regularly monitored, and what corrective action to take if metrics show substandard performance. Upon completion of this seminar, DBAs and Application Developers will have a template to follow to ensure that they have top performing databases and applications. SQL commands, scripts, and other electronic materials will be provided to attendees to enhance learning and productivity.

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