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B16 - Database Trends 2018

Session Number: 5027
Track: Db2 for z/OS - II
Session Type: Podium Presentation
Primary Presenter: Craig Mullins [Mullins Consulting, Inc.]

Commonwealth C => Thu, May 03, 2018 (09:20 AM - 10:20 AM)

Session Code: B16
Speaker Bio: Craig S. Mullins is a data management strategist, researcher, and consultant. He is president and principal consultant of Mullins Consulting, Inc. and has been named by IBM as a Gold Consultant and an IBM Champion for Analytics. He was also named one of the Top 200 Thought Leaders in Big Data & Analytics by AnalyticsWeek magazine. Craig has over three decades of experience in all facets of database systems development and has worked with DB2 since V1. You may know Craig from his popular books: "DB2 Developer's Guide, 6th edition" and "Database Administration: The Complete Guide to DBA Practices and Procedures, 2nd edition"... he also writes the popular monthly DBA Corner column in Database Trends & Applications magazine.

Audience experience level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Presentation Category: Data Management, Emerging Technology, Implementing New DB2 Releases and Features, Big Data
Presentation Platform: Cross Platform
Audiences this presentation will apply to: Application Developers, Data Architects, Database Administrators, Systems Programmers, New Users, IT Managers
Technical areas this presentation will apply to: Connectivity, Information Integration and Replication, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence, Database Performance (DB2 for LUW), Database Performance (DB2 for z/OS), Disaster Recovery (DB2 for LUW), Disaster Recovery (DB2 for z/OS), High Availability (DB2 for LUW), High Availability (DB2 for z/OS), New Release (DB2 for LUW), New Release (DB2 for z/OS), pureQuery, pureScale, Security (DB2 for LUW), Security (DB2 for z/OS), SQL and XML Features, SQL and XML Performance, Tools and Utilities, Triggers, Stored Procedures, UDFs, User Experiences
Objective 1: Review and understand the current landscape for database management systems including types of database systems, use cases, market growth, and analysis on the future of relational
Objective 2: Examine the impact of digital transformation and changing market forces on database systems. This will include mobile, cloud, and data growth.
Objective 3: A look at what in-memory database management entails and how it can be beneficial for performance. Will include a discussion of Db2 12 in-memory capabilities.
Objective 4: Brief reviews of additional trends that will (or are already) impact the world of databases. Includes overviews of blockchain, DevOps, continuous delivery, and security requirements.
Objective 5: With all these changes, all IT personnel that use or manage database systems will be impacted, but DBAs will feel it most heavily. As such, we will examine DBA trends and impacts.

Abstract:  This presentation offers an overview of the transformation of data management over the course of the past few years with the goal of showing how database management systems are changing and adapting to modern IT needs. The presentation will also discuss Db2's place within the modern data architecture.

In this presentation we will look at Big Data, analytics, NoSQL and their impact on data management. Other trends examined will include cloud, digital transformation, in-memory computing, and DevOps. We’ll also examine what is happening with DBAs and their role within modern organizations. And we’ll back up the trends with references and links where appropriate.

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