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C04 - DBA Crash Course

Session Number: 5031
Track: Db2 for LUW - I
Session Type: Podium Presentation
Primary Presenter: Michael Krafick [Sherwin-Williams]
Time: Apr 30, 2018 (04:35 PM - 05:35 PM)
Room: Commonwealth A

Session Code: C04
Speaker Bio: Michael Krafick is an IBM Champion, IDUG Hall of Fame Speaker, and regularly contributes to Ember Crook's Michael is developing a reputation for guiding new DBAs, analysts, testers, and executives into the Db2 environment. He has presented "10 Minute Triage: Troubleshooting Production Issues 101" at IDUG in 2017, "Beyond the Basics" to the Atlanta Quality Assurance Association, and has even guided local high schoolers in the technical disciplines.
Audience experience level: Beginner
Presentation Category: Application Design, Data Management, Disaster Recovery, Managing Availability, Managing Database Resources
Presentation Platform: DB2 for Linux, UNIX, Windows
Audiences this presentation will apply to: Application Developers, Database Administrators, Systems Programmers, New Users, IT Managers
Technical areas this presentation will apply to: Connectivity, Information Integration and Replication, Database Performance (DB2 for LUW), Disaster Recovery (DB2 for LUW), High Availability (DB2 for LUW), New Release (DB2 for LUW)
Objective 1: Installation of Db2 Developer Edition on a local machine.
Objective 2: Basic concepts and terminology - Bufferpools, Tablespaces, Table, Authentication, and Authority.
Objective 3: Environment/Instance Creation, Table Creation, and basic data manipulation.
Objective 4: Disaster Recovery - Backup, Restore, and high level overview of HADR.
Objective 5: "What I wish developers knew" and other concerns from a DBA perspective - Avg Rows fetched for OLTP and DW, isolation levels and affect of too few commits, when to use "with UR", higher cost functions in SQL.

Abstract:  Want to learn a common language so you can speak to your DBA team? Want to learn database building blocks so you can become functional and experiment on your own? Need to know a few DBA commands to become self sufficient in your discipline but don't have the time to sit in a 3 day beginner course? This course is designed for you.

Starting with install of Db2 Developer edition, we will work through the concepts of memory in a database, through table creation, database access and authorities. We will also discuss some common concerns from a DBAs perspective that will help you avoid pitfalls or proactively meet DBA needs.

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