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F15 - Using db2pd for Everyday Troubleshooting

Session Number: 6117
Track: Db2 - À La Carte
Session Type: Podium Presentation
Primary Presenter: Aishwarya Khare [Xtivia Inc.]

Carolina E => Thu, Jun 06, 2019 (09:30 AM - 10:30 AM)

Session Code: 6551
Speaker Bio: Aish is a Db2 DBA at XTIVIA in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is responsible for managing, monitoring, tuning and troubleshooting db2 databases for a wide range of clients. Aish has over 10 years experience with Db2 LUW databases, and is a IBM Certified Database Administrator. Aish also publishes blogs for XTIVIA at to help customers understand Db2 better.
Audience experience level: Beginner, Intermediate
Presentation Category: Select a Value
Presentation Platform: Select a Value
Audiences this presentation will apply to: Database Administrators
Technical areas this presentation will apply to: Select a Value
If Tools and Utilities was selected which products: db2pd
Objective 1: In-depth understanding of the db2pd utility.
Objective 2: Using db2pd in day to day scenarios
Objective 3: Quickest way of finding information using db2pd
Objective 4: Understand output options within the tool
Objective 5: db2pd vs other utilities - a case by case comparison
Co-speaker Name: Ember Crooks
Co-speaker Bio: Ember is a Db2 Lead DBA and Delivery Manager at XTIVIA. She is responsible for the design; build; and management of a wide range of Db2 databases for multiple clients. Ember has 16+ years of experience with Db2 on Linux; Unix; and Windows platforms. She is the founder and principal author of the popular technical blog where she educates herself and others through example and case study. Ember is an IBM Gold Consultant and IBM Champion in Information Management.

Abstract:  Learn how to use db2pd in day to day scenarios to quickly find information and troubleshoot more efficiently. Understand the output options within the tool, and why db2pd is a great option to use when looking into certain issues. ?

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