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Improving Db2 Application Quality for Optimizing Performance and Controlling Costs

Session Number: 6445
Track: VSPs
Session Type: VSP
Primary Presenter: Craig Mullins [Mullins Consulting, Inc.]
Co-Presenter 1: Carlos Almeida [Infotel Corp]

Mecklenburg 3 => Tue, Jun 04, 2019 (10:40 AM - 11:40 AM)

Audience experience level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Presentation Category: Application Design
Presentation Platform: Cross Platform
Audiences this presentation will apply to: Application Developers, Data Architects, Database Administrators, Systems Programmers, New Users, IT Managers
Technical areas this presentation will apply to: Tools and Utilities

Abstract:  This presentation will address the DevOps plays in a large enterprise building applications for Db2. Industry expert Craig S. Mullins of Mullins Consulting and Carlos Almeida from Infotel Corp will give a talk aimed at DBAs, developers and DevOps attendees discussing
• Data management in a large enterprise and industry trends impacting data
• Data storage & operations and the emerging role of DevOps for building enterprise applications
• The problems with database development and change in a DevOps environment
• How to automate code quality assurance for Db2 applications – plus a use case on how a large bank is doing this with software from Infotel Corp USA.
o We would like to also show a couple of slides on Infotel’s product DB/IQ, a solution that helps standardize SQL code for Db2 apps through a standard web browser interface.
This will not be a promotional event. We want to bring awareness to how DevOps is bridging the gap between the business and development sides of large enterprises, and how DevOps is creating greater efficiency with app development for Db2. As you know, the shortage of mainframers is here and developers and DBAs are taking the brunt of the effects of this shortage. We want to help educate and present a what’s-next scenario while providing awareness of Infotel’s expertise in automation for Db2 app quality assurance.

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