EMEA 2021 Keynotes

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Using Tech to Enable Next-Gen Database Professionals

Digital transformation has reshaped the way businesses interact with their customers. While this has delivered tremendous value to their businesses, it has also introduced a new set of technology initiatives – such as Hybrid Cloud and standardization of tools and processes across the enterprise – that has added a heightened level of complexity to many IT roles.

Coupled with a global shortage of qualified people who can fill key tech positions, these new initiatives must be met with innovative programs that plug skills shortages and gaps. Ironically, the use of technology itself may be the best option for enterprises that are looking to close skills gaps and advance their digital transformation goals. This is especially true in complex environments, such as Db2 database management and development for mainframe data centers.

In this keynote, Chris, Venkat, and David will explore two ways in which technology can help database staff achieve their goals:

  • Open Up and Shift Left. Use open tooling and automate the integration of operations into the development process to modernize software delivery without disrupting existing operations.
  • Embrace Complexity. Use AI and machine learning to better understand a datacenter’s various entities and their relationships and automate the detection, diagnosis, and evaluation of problems.

Chris Crone
Distinguished Engineer, Database Technologies, Broadcom
Venkatauday Balabhadrapatruni
Distinguished Engineer, Enterprise DevOps, Broadcom
David Helsley
Distinguished Engineer, AiOps, Broadcom


IBM Z and Db2 Innovate Together to Advance Leading Edge Technology in AI and Hybrid Cloud

What do you see when you think of IBM Z? Chances are you don't have to think much about it because it's the platform that never fails and Db2 for z/OS is the engine that never sleeps. You are able to make purchases, transfer money, book travel, and so on without a hitch because those transactions start and complete on the world's fastest, most reliable, and secure platform. IBM Z and Db2 for z/OS set the gold standard for OLTP and are leading the way to set records in support of new AI and hybrid cloud workloads.

Come hear Barry Baker, IBM VP of Product Management for IBM Z and LinuxONE, discuss new innovation and strategy that will help you do even more with your investment on the platform. Samantha Buhler, IBM Director of Product Management for Db2 for z/OS and Tools, will complement Barry by diving into how Db2 VNext will continue to optimize for and exploit new innovations on IBM Z.

Barry Baker, IBM
VP of Product Management for IBM Z and LinuxONE
Samantha Buhler, IBM
Director of Product Management for Db2 for z/OS and Tools

Evolution of RDBMs in Era of Hybrid Cloud, Containers and Big Data

RDBMS landscape of has been evolving at lightning speed; from Hybrid Cloud, Containers, infusion of AI/ML into ecosystem, new storage solutions like Object Store and data types like JSON and Graph has left CIOs with search of Polyglot or Universal Databases that satisfy their enterprise needs. Further challenges driven by exponential data growth, need for Geo sensitive queries with deep integration of Governance has accelerated evolution of Data Virtualization technologies bridging gaps between heterogeneous data stores and eliminating need for data movement. In this session we will discuss Db2 exciting journey into Hybrid Cloud, Conternization, enhancements in REST APIs addition of Graph datatype and infusion of AI/ML into Db2 ecosystem. Furthermore, we will introduce IBM Watson Query, the next generation of Db2 Data Virtualization technology that extends Db2 Federation capabilities to include SQL over Object Store and Hadoop datalakes while integrating with Governance capabilities to enforce data masking and policy enforcements.

Vikram Murali
VP of Development, Hybrid Data Management - IBM Data and AI

Piotr Mierzejewski, IBM
Executive Director of Development for IBM Db2, Db2 Big Sql and Data Virtualization, Data & AI


Fueling a Successful Db2 Data Modernization Strategy

Designed with Db2 administrators, architects, and application developers in mind, in this session we will cover the latest approaches to deliver an enterprise-wide data modernization strategy by infusing AI, embracing open-source tools, and utilizing modern, intuitive interfaces. Then, we will go over cross-industry customer use cases to demonstrate how these new approaches are being applied to drive business outcomes at organizations around the world. Finally, we will share how at Rocket Software we are taking the same approaches to deliver innovation at scale for our mainframe customers.

Tim Willging

VP and Distinguished Engineer, Z Business Unit
Rocket Software
Joe Sacco
VP, Software Engineering, Z Business Unit
Rocket Software
Patric Becker
Director, Solutions Advisors
Rocket Software


When the Only Way Forward is Through: Celebrating Db2 Career Journeys of IDUG Women In Technology

Join IDUG’s Women in Technology (WIT) as they examine and reflect on their journeys and the interconnectedness as members of the Db2 and IDUG communities. This international group of women will share the lessons learned and the successes achieved from their experiences navigating various challenges. Take a moment to reflect with WIT as they share their experiences of continued perseverance and dedication when the only way forward is through.

Deborah Carbo
Director, Product Management
Data Management
Broadcom Software Group

Saghi Amirsoleymani

Global Vice President , System Z at Rocket Software

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