EMEA Conference 2022


Prepared for 2022

We are actively preparing for the 2022 IDUG EMEA Db2 Tech Conference for our members in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and all over the world! This year's conference [one year only!] has a Saturday-Wednesday pattern, different from the traditional EMEA schedule. Thus, in 2022, Saturday will feature optional workshops, while the conference--with its technical sessions and other features--will start on Sunday and end on Wednesday. 

The door for Event Registration will be opening soon. It will also be posted here and announced across all IDUG channels.  

This will be another exciting IDUG conference where you can learn how your fellow Db2 professionals are utilizing Db2 and its related technology and learn things that will be of use in your organization. Are you ready?

Conference Information

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Speaker Mentoring
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