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Important Speaker Information

If you have any questions regarding any of the information on this site or need hard copies of any of the following materials, please request this information from IDUG Headquarters by emailing idug@idug.org.

Speaker Deadlines

Below are the important speaker deliverable deadlines for IDUG EMEA 2022:

Friday, August 19, 2022: Draft presentation due to IDUG
Friday, September 23, 2022: Final presentation due to IDUG

We encourage all speakers to adhere to these deadlines or notify the thread chairs with any reasons why you cannot meet these dates.
Your thread chair will confirm receipt of all materials sent to meet the above deadlines. Your thread chair is the primary contact for all communications related to the conference, including submitting draft/final presentation, registration, and other questions you may have for a successful conference.

Speaker Guidelines

We are currently working forward to have an on-site conference. Please download and read the IDUG 2022 Speaker Guidelines. In these guidelines we give hints how to upload and prepare your presentation.


Please use the official IDUG EMEA Tech Conference 2022 template to assist you in preparing your presentation for the conference proceedings. The presentation template must be used throughout the entire presentation slide deck. The Speaker Guidelines document on this page provides directives for what information to include on certain slides.

EMEA 2022 PowerPoint Standard Template (dark) 
EMEA 2022 PowerPoint Standard Template (light) 

Please contact IDUG Headquarters (idug@idug.org) should you have any questions or concerns.


We ask each speaker to volunteer to moderate one or more sessions at the conference. Instructions on how to sign up to moderate will be published soon.

For instructions on how to upload presentations, refer to our Speaker Guidelines.

Please upload your draft presentation before Friday, August 19, 2022.
Please upload your final presentation no later than Friday, September 23, 2022.

Please upload your presentation in PowerPoint format. The Presentation Team will take care to do a consistent conversion to pdf format (with and without notes).

Conference Registration

Every primary IDUG speaker receives a complimentary registration to the IDUG EMEA 2022 conference. If you are an approved speaker, the complimentary "Speaker" registration type will populate as an option for you on the IDUG registration site (registration open soon). Please make sure you log into the account you used to submit your abstract. If you have any questions please email idug@idug.org.

Speaker Marketing Kit

Thank you for sharing your expertise at the IDUG EMEA 2022 conference. In an effort to spread the word about the conference, we are creating a number of tools at your disposal to help promote your participation at this year’s event. Please feel free to use the graphics from our Speaker Marketing Kit (link comes soon) to promote the conference to your Db2 contacts as we seek to drive record number of attendees at this year’s event. We appreciate your support and look forward to delivering an exceptional conference in 2022.

Thread Chair Listing

Db2 for z/OS
Osman Cayli and Sabine Eckey
Db2 (LUW)
Hans Fonteyn and Ferdinand Prahst
AppDev / Analytics
Filip Ruhdensjo and Zeljen Stanic
New News
Sven Heidorn