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Db2 - A State of the Nation Strategy Update 

Speaker: Les King
Time: Nov 17, 2020,  2:00 PM - 2:50 PM
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Db2 in a Containerized World

Db2 as a container can be deployed standalone on Red Hat OpenShift or in IBM Cloud Pak for Data as an extended service. In Cloud Pak for Data you can use a fully integrated, plug-and-play Db2 environment that works seamlessly with the data governance and AI services also available in IBM Cloud Pak for Data platform.

Coffee Break - Db2 on Hybrid Cloud with OpenShift (Introduction & Architecture)

Convert existing Db2 databases into containers with the “Click2Conterize” Tool

IBM Db2 Warehouse on IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Hands-on Lab: IBM Db2 on OpenShift
This lab teaches you how to deploy and work with Db2 in an OpenShift Environment for both OLTP and MPP deployments. The lab includes how to deploy Db2 applications on Node.js and the Use of Db2 External Tables in OpenShift.

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Achieve higher ROI by modernizing your databases with data virtualization and containerization
Read the blog that explains the value proposition of modernizing database with container technology.

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Db2 on IBM Cloud Pak for Data
This white paper demonstrates how Cloud Pak for Data helps Db2 users to:
- Enable hybrid cloud and multicloud on a single, unified platform
- Integrate and manage data sources
- Support queries across multiple data sources without moving data

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For Db2 Application Developers

Building Modern Applications just got easier with Db2 REST Services (Siri helps the DBA!)

In-Database Machine Learning with Db2

Db2 Python UDF

Graph Database Analytics with IBM Db2

Hands-on Lab: Modern Application Development with Db2

In this lab you will learn how to navigate the use of Docker containers, Jupyter notebooks, Db2 extensions to Jupyter, Python development, Open Data RESTful APIs for Db2 data access, management of Db2 using Data Server Manager, and how to use JSON records within a relational database.

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Db2 Application Development Resources:


For Db2 Administrators

Db2 Warehouse on Cloud - Deep Dive
Click here to download slide deck

Db2 Advanced Log Space Management – Introduction & Demo

Getting access to External Data Fast with Db2 External Tables (Demo)

Db2 pureScale Network Performance Hands-on in 5 Minutes (Demo)

Data Virtualization with Db2 on IBM Cloud Pak for Data – Whiteboard and Demo

Tutorial: Data Virtualization with Db2 on IBM Cloud Pak for Data

In this tutorial you will learn how to use data virtualization on IBM Cloud Pak® for Data to make queries across multiple data sources like Netezza® Performance Server and Db2® Warehouse.

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