Conference Slack

Keep the Conversation Going on Slack

This year, we’ll be using a Slack as a space for all the catching up, shop talk, mingling, and other spontaneous connections that usually happen in person. To allow you to get the conversations going early and keep them up even after the conference ends, the IDUG Virtual Conference Slack Workspace will open a week prior to the conference and will stay open a month after the conference closes. To join the IDUG Virtual Conference Slack Workspace, click here!

Use these resources to download and install Slack on your devices, learn about the channels, and explore the ins and outs of the platform.

Download Slack

Slack is available for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android, and can be accessed from a web browser. Use the links below to download and install Slack on your device.

Mac Download | iOS Download | Windows Download | Android Download

Can’t Install Slack?

Join the IDUG Virtual Conference Slack Workspace from a web browser. Using Slack in a web browser provides much of the same functionality and delivers the same experience.

To join the IDUG Virtual Conference Slack Workspace, click here!

Slack Channels

Technical Content

Keep the conversation going after a great session or launch a new discussion topic in these track-specific channels.

# general-discussion-zos


Networking & Fun

Take a break and meet folks from across the industry in these casual channels.

  •  A spot to introduce yourself, share your reason for attending, and connect with other attendees.

  • Short, moderated discussions to simulate those in-person hallway meetups.

  • A space to connect with our vendor partners.

  • A way to take a break and have some fun.

 Support & Event Info

All the conference info and technical help you need.

  • Daily updates of what's on the agenda. 

  • Get in touch with our support team for technical help.

Not seeing a particular channel? Accidentally left a channel and not sure how to get it back?

Mouse over the Channels section on the left navigation and click on the + symbol or the "add channels" button at the bottom of the Channels list. Select “Browse Channels.”

Now you can go through the channels and join the ones you want.

How to Use Slack

Learn how to use Slack to its fullest potential so you can get the most out of your conference experience before, during, and after the event.

Sign In to Slack

Access the conference workspace in Slack.
How to Sign In


Access Your Channels

Virtual rooms focused on specific topics.
Learn About Channels


All About Direct Messages

Chat with attendees and presenters.
Learn About DMs


Your Profile & Preferences

Customize your settings.
How to Edit Your Info