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The Fillmore Group was founded by IBM DB2 Gold Consultant Frank C. Fillmore, Jr.

Note: The content of this blog is the opinion and thoughts of the blogger and does not necessarily represent the opinions of IDUG.

Recent Articles

  • IBMs flagship enterprise relational database Db2 has just been added to AWS Relational Database Service (RDS). Db2 joins commercial vendor relational database implementations Oracle and MS SQL Server along with open source databases MySQL, MariaDB, and PostreSQL as a fully-managed AWS offering. Why this matters: Deployment Im currently working with...
  • IBM hosted the inaugural TechXchange Conference in Las Vegas last week (September 11 15, 2023). Heres what I liked: The Developer community was the primary focus of TechXchange. This is a significant change from the pre-pandemic IBM technical conferences Think and World of Watson (sited variously in Las Vegas and San Francisco). Two []
  • Greetings after a little while. For those of you who have been working with IBM’s data virtualization technology – as I have – since the beginning (we miss you DataJoiner, Federation Server, et al), there’s yet another new name: Watson Query a service of Cloud Pak for Data (CP4D). DataJoiner began as a research project []
  • Having participated in many board meeting debates over the years about the best place to hold meetings of the Baltimore/Washington Db2 Users Group, its a bit sad to learn that the 2021 IDUG North America Conference is already being planned as a virtual event, with the possibility of an in-person component.  Lets hope we can []
  • I want to thank everyone who helped make the inaugural Mid-Atlantic Db2 for z/OS Users Group virtual meeting such a great success: my colleague, Kim May, for pulling the meeting together and for filling a void of timely technical content for this topic and this region our presenters for crafting and delivering a comprehensive new []
  • Announcing the new Mid-Atlantic Db2 for z/OS Users Group! With COVID-19 forcing Regional Users Groups (RUGs) to transition from in-person to virtual meetings, and with the support of the International Db2 Users Group and hearing about their regional affiliates success with virtual meetings, Frank and I decided to give a new virtual group a try.  []
  • IBM Data Replication 2020: In a Nutshell IBM replication is based on two unique technical solutions: InfoSphere Change Data Capture, the heritage DataMirror product, and Q-Replication, the IBM-developed replication solution that uses MQ messaging. IBM replication supports numerous sources and targets. For heterogeneous environments, that is, where...
  • The IBM Request for Enhancement (RFE) system has been moved from developerWorks to the IBM Data AI Ideas portal. Each idea submitted can be voted on by users who log in. The number of votes for each particular request is taken into consideration by the IBM Product Development teams when they are planning product []
  • The proliferation of webinars and events transitioning to virtual meetings is getting hard to keep up with, and maybe some of the event fatigue is a result of an explosion of invitations.  Some events are, however, not to be missed, and one of these is the annual North America International Db2 Users Group (IDUG) conference, []
  • Join the Mid-Atlantic Db2 LUW user group members and more! for a virtual meeting coordinated by IBM Hybrid Data Manager Technical Sales Specialist and user group supporter extraordinaire Kay Groski this coming Wednesday, June 10th.  And more! means, of course, that anyone from any users group (or not) is welcome to join.  Please []