DB2 LUW Performance and such

I've been meaning to start a blog on DB2 LUW performance for a while, and, well, now seems like a pretty good time.   Why would I want to blog?   Never mind that - much more importantly, why would anyone be interested in what I have to say?   Good question!

I've been part of the DB2 LUW development team in Toronto for about 20 years, and the last 13 or so in performance.   Over the years, I've done a lot of benchmarking of DB2, worked with a lot of customers and partners on improving performance, plus done a ton of core performance work on new releases (including the last couple of years on DB2 pureScale.)   It's a great job, and I think it's given me a pretty good 'inside & outside' view on the kinds of performance topics that are relevant to DB2 uesrs - both for existing releases, and for V-next.

One of my particular interests is monitoring and tuning of DB2 - understanding the dozens of metrics and configuration parameters, and getting the most out of them.   Over the past several years, I've had the good fortune to present about this at a number of IDUG and RUG meetings.  This will be a frequent topic for my blog, and with all the changes in this area in the past few releases, there is no shortage of raw material.  :-)

I'll also be digging into performance best practices & frequently asked questions - tips & tricks for getting the best performance out of all kinds of areas of DB2 - SQL, applications, utilities, storage & memory configuration - the works.

So, welcome to my performance blog.  Hopefully over the coming entries, there are some useful tidbits here to help make your monitoring & tuning process a bit easier, or to help you get a bit more 'oomph' out of your system.

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