The High Availability and Resiliency Architecture in Db2 Warehouse on Cloud

Aniket Kulkarni


Littleton, Massachusetts USA


Venkatesh Gopal


Leawood, Kansas USA



One of the key metrics that hardware and Software components are measured in today is “Availability” metrics. It has become the norm to expect high 9s of availability.  A highly available system translates into a highly reliable system also. In spite of systems being highly available and reliable, component failures are to be assumed. The ability to (a) detect these failures and (b) recover very quickly in an automated fashion is also key.  The foundational components of DB2 Warehouse on Cloud “Flex” are highly available and reliable. Furthermore, the Flex configuration has the ability, at several levels in the architecture, to detect failures and correct them with negligible downtime, all with the goal of keeping to the high 9’s of availability.

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