March Content recap

During the month of March, we focused on Db2 LUW, where we briefly touched the new world of the Cloud: Concepts you need to know and architectures you might want to try.

Eddy Coppens presented the challenge of migrating a full Db2 database using continuous rolling forward to minimize downtime as much as possible. He presented the steps, the architecture, and he guided us through this solution.

Hugo Fuentes Chavez demystified the necessary AWS concepts you need to know if you want to set up a Db2 LUW on a AWS Cluster and you’re beginning your way into the AWS Cloud.

Tomasz Kraszucki described in detail how to set up a TSA Db2 High Available environment in RedHat. From the architecture, steps, gotchas and useful tips, he takes us by the hand to accomplish this task.

Finally, Aniket Kulkarni and Venkatesh Gopal described how the Db2 Warehouse on Cloud Flex architecture can deliver high availability by leveraging several solutions, including container management..

Premium Content

For the month of March, the following conference session recordings were posted to the IDUG Premium Content blog:

Suresh Sane. Future of the DBA in the Cloud and DevOps World

Keri Romanufa. Db2 Architecture Part I : Overview and Table Management

Chris Muncan. Living in a Temporal World

Keri Romanufa. Db2 Architecture Part 2 : Storage Architecture, Logging, Caching & IO

Toby Haynes. Db2 Architecture Part 3: pureScale

Jim Dee. How You Can BIND Without Getting Tied Up

Jared Ellars. The Automated DBA: Creating a Highly Customizable Automation Solution

Christopher Drexelius. Db2 Architecture Part 4: BLU Acceleration

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