July eBulletin: Share the IDUG DB2 Tech Conference Experience

Dear IDUG Membership,

This month, I want to discuss a newer part of the IDUG experience that I am very proud of. A few years ago, IDUG started a program to help newer DB2 professionals receive training and make professional contacts through IDUG. The IDUG Mentor program allows long-term IDUG members to share the IDUG DB2 Tech Conference experience. For some companies, it is a way to get two people trained at a huge discount. More important than that, it is part of the knowledge transfer to the next generation that every company sees as critically import with DB2 now having been around for 30 years.

That component of the plan, to get that next generation ready is so important to the community that IDUG has started working with both IBM Champions and Regional DB2 Users groups (RUG) to expand the program. When you have a consultant come in, ask if they are an IBM Champion and can help mentor one of your employees at a conference. If your RUG is affiliated with IDUG, then the group can send a member who has never been to an event at the same 80 percent discount. This is something you should ask your local RUG leader about and see if you qualify.  Full details on the IDUG Mentor program are available on our website.

This month’s content focus is on performance, something that every DBA is involved with at some point. We can be involved early in the development cycle or late, and it doesn’t matter who coded it, when it doesn’t perform, it is “DB2’s fault.” When we do an upgrade of DB2, if the elevators in the building run slow, we expect to hear that it’s “DB2’s fault,” so I guess it’s just part of the job.  ;-)

Make sure to read The Basics of Achieving High Performance with DB2 by IDUG Content Committee member, Dan Luksetich. Dan’s experiences and view on DB2 performance provides great insights. Once you finish reading, please share your thoughts with us about performance by commenting on Dan’s blog article, or starting a conversation in the IDUG DB2-L Forum. You will find that Dan is a regular participant in the discussions there and looks forward to hearing your comments.

I mentioned last month that IDUG’s personal approach is what makes us strong. The minds and information sharing of our members is also an invaluable benefit of IDUG membership. With IDUG, members have access to DB2 professionals all over the world to bounce ideas off of, share successes, lessons learned and much more. In-person events are an excellent way to network and meet other IDUG members, but the online IDUG Forums, Blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages are the recommended way to keep in touch year-round.

As always, IDUG’s committees and the Board of Directors are here to support you and your organization by providing the highest quality education and services designed to promote the effective utilization of DB2. Please reach out to us if there is specific content or a program you would like to see your organization provide in the future.

With Best Regards,

Mark Labby
IDUG President

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