Another July 2013 Performance Article - DB2 for z/OS CPU Query Parallelism and IIPHONORPRIORITY

In this article Jeff Lane presents a real life situation in which parallelism presented a performance dilemma. Do you tune for response time or reduced cost? 

"Would you ever think that binding your on-line packages with DEGREE=ANY would cause your transactions to increase in elapsed time?  Well it’s not just binding with DEGREE=ANY but a combination of available processors (GPs & zIIPs), and z/OS settings which can contribute to increasing transaction elapsed times."

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What are the impact if we change Degree(1) to DEGREE(ANY) parameter for package

June 15, 2017 06:16 AM by JITINDER CHOUDHARY

If we change DEGREE(1) to DEGREE(ANY) is there any impact on dynamic sql queries. Or can we use DEGREE(ANY) with dynamic sql queries?

Please suggest.

Thanks and regards,

Jitinder Choudhary

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