Sheryl Larsen DB2 10 and 11 (ESP) SQL and Optimization Enhancements

The third and final of three presentations donated to IDUG by Sheryl Larsen is now available for download in the IDUG content file library. This presentation is from her DB2 10 & 11 SQL Optimization Enhancements IDUG presentation, and contains information about the latest performance enhancements to DB2 for z/OS SQL optimization


This class is all about increasing the attendee’s ability to identify and fix access path problems

Skills Taught:

  • Learn how DB2 executes index, table and join access paths
  • Learn when each access path is optimal and non-optimal
  • Learn recommended SQL tuning techniques for changing the DB2 optimizer’s mind
  • Learn how to identify potential access path problems

There are 16 slides total and many of the slides contain notes.

“I believe Advanced SQL knowledge and skills are so very essential for today's and tomorrow's developers and database professionals. The advancement of SQL knowledge has been my focus for many years and I have a strong commitment and desire to keep it moving forward.  By teaming up with IDUG, I am able to share my Advanced SQL training materials with the world!  To your continued SQL learning! Enjoy!” –Sheryl Larsen

The Content Committee file library can be found here.

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