September eBulletin: So many choices, so much to learn!

September already!  I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer and is ready to get back to work. I can say that the IDUG Conference Planning Committees have been working very hard all summer* and are ready with IDUG DB2 Tech Conferences in Melbourne 11-13 September and Barcelona 13-18 October.

These two big shows are coming up quickly and I have been looking over the conference grids trying to decide how to get the most out of my time. OK, I admit, I have an advantage over most in that I can pick from both of these fantastic events, but that only compounds the choices that need to be made.

The keynote speaker for the IDUG DB2 Tech Conference in Melbourne is Sheryl Larsen, speaking on “Retrospective: My 25 Years with IDUG and DB2.” Sheryl has been a supporter of IDUG from the beginning and is a perfect speaker to open this event during IDUG’s 25th anniversary.  Everyone who has heard her speak over the years understands why she is in the IDUG Speaker Hall of Fame. Sheryl recently became an IBM employee and has asked IDUG to become the host site for some of her award-winning presentations. We are extremely pleased and excited to bring these resources to our members! The presentations we have in our content library are:

These vary from a 16 slide presentation detailing DB2 10 & 11 SQL enhancements to presentations of over 100 and 200 slides that represent full day seminars. All of these materials are free to IDUG members. We are so thankful to Sheryl for sharing and giving our members around the world access to the truly world-class material!

For the IDUG DB2 Tech Conference in Barcelona, the presentations on DB2 11 for z/OS are already on my agenda. Those sessions with John Campbell to get the technical overview will be hot topics. IDUG has had volunteers working with DB2 11 for z/OS early support program to get the inside track. Cristian Molaro, co-chair of the Conference Planning Committee, will be presenting “DB2 11 for z/OS: Hands-on Experiences” with material he has been gathering while working with the Redbook authors. IDUG volunteer and Content Committee member Julian Stuhler will be presenting that “DB2 11 for z/OS – IDUG User Experiences.” Julian has also been working hard to prepare a full IDUG Technical whitepaper on DB2 11 that will be available or our members shortly after the software is released. I admit, I’m one of those old time “z guys,” but I’m really looking forward to learning more about the new release!

Of course IDUG supports DB2 on ‘those other platforms’ and I am very curious about the new features that came in DB2 10.5.  Melanie Stopfer’s “Using Row and Column Access Controls” and Matthias Nicola’s “DB2 with BLU Acceleration- Live!” both intrigue me. The whole concept of moving to both row and column tables and the BLU Acceleration features in DB2 10.5 are game changers for some of us and make it hard to select which sessions to attend.

I have to express my personal thanks to all of the members of both the Australasia and EMEA Conference Planning Committees for the time and efforts they have been making the past year to bring these events together. Yes, the next two months will be busy, but for these hard-working IDUG volunteers, it is time that their efforts come together and, on behalf of all IDUG members, I want to thank you and express admiration for the fantastic grids of sessions you have put together.  I’m looking forward to seeing you all soon, so I can thank you in person, so we can share a toast to your accomplishments!

This month Julian Stuhler (yes, we keep him very busy!) has written the first of a 2 part article "When Worlds Collide – Running DB2 for LUW on System z (Part 1)" on the benefits to using the "mainframe" to run Linux applications.  Now this is the type of article that I like - how do we blend the rock solid stability of a mainframe with the open systems software and get best of both worlds.

With Best Regards,
Mark Labby
IDUG President

*Hmm, with an international audience, I have to acknowledge that for our mates ‘down under’ it has been winter, so soon you will be looking forward to summer holidays. :)


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