October President’s Letter: DB2 11 is released, and IDUG is here for you!

IDUG's 25th Anniversary year brings us a new release of DB2: DB2 11 was just officially announced and IDUG was ready.  We have had several people working on the IDUG DB2 11 for z/OS Technical White Paper that takes a deep dive (almost 100 pages!) into the product and highlights several of the new features. I got to preview the white paper before we released it on October 7 and there are several items that are really cool. 

One thing that I think will be of particular interest to a lot of companies is Transparent Archive Query. It was an ongoing struggle to get management and system architects to realize how expensive it is to keep historical data in the operational tables. I always hit a stone wall hearing 'developers can't change the code' to hit both an operational and historical table. It didn't matter that the historical data was rarely needed; they could not separate the data if it meant code changes. Transparent Archive Query seems like it may give the DBAs some alternatives here. At first look, the feature seems to allow you to separate the data, in fact it will do that for you, a DELETE in the operational table moves the row to the history table, and then you can determine through bind options whether the statement reads the operational table or uses a union to include the history table. No code change!  The geek err… z/OS DBA in me sees this as one of those features that will need a lot of testing, but has some real potential.

This week I am heading to the IDUG DB2 Tech Conference in Barcelona, October 13-18. We’ll have celebrations for IDUG’s 25th anniversary and IBM DB2’s 30th anniversary, certification exams, networking and of course, an expansive technical session schedule. I've looked at the grid and found more than 10 sessions on DB2 11. I'm having a hard time to winnow down to my 'must attend' list with IDUG volunteers and IBM experts, so that I can still get to sessions on DB2 10 and LUW. 

For those who are curious, my must attend list is:

I recently returned from the IDUG DB2 Tech Conference in Melbourne. It was a great event and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting with our team 'down under' and enjoyed thanking them for all their hard work.  While there I announced that one of this year's IDUG Merit Award winners is Neil Hoggard. This is a special award for us because the winners are nominated by the rest of the IDUG volunteers, so they are the cream of the crop – Congratulations again Neil!

After spending so much time in the clouds getting to Melbourne and leaving for Barcelona later this week, I had a laugh seeing the title of this months lead article from Content Committee member, Phil Nelson.  DB2 to the Cloud: A Case Study is a great reflection of Phil’s experience with DB2 and Cloud and gives great insight into this hot industry topic. 

With Best Regards,

Mark Labby
IDUG President

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