IDUG EMEA First Day Impressions

Wow, that went fast. My first conference day as a new CPC member.

Mirna Kos and Mark Labby had the honor of opening the conference. There was of course the usual overview of all the activities that were to come for the next week, but more worth remembering were the merit awards for IDUG volunteers that went beyond their usual duty this year. Congratulations to Cristian Molaro, Dan Luksetich, Sven Lovrencic and Neil Hoggard! Also worthwhile was the video showing the members of the Conference Planning Committee outside the IDUG environment that we usually meet them in. Yes, I got a lot of comments on mine, thanks :-)

IMG_9485-001.JPG  IMG_9475-001.JPG

All of us were pleasantly surprised by our keynote speaker Pete Cohen (“Shut the duck up”). As an inspirational coach, Pete made us reflect on how we stand in our job and daily lives, trying to get us to recognize where we might be holding back ourselves and what might prevent us from achieving more. The keynote was well received with plenty of response from the audience. I can’t agree more on his main message:

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.”

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On a side note: while I’m typing this, the moderator for this room and the one down the hall are giving their best shot to lure in attendees, making it sound more like the Mercado downtown. “Best Session today!”. “Enter here for Steve!”. Thanks guys for making us smile!

The first sessions in the z/OS and LUW track were both high profile sessions, both giving an overview of  the new DB2 versions to kick off the week. We chose to bundle the tracks temporarily to make sure everyone who wanted got the chance to see them. The attendee numbers showed that was a good thing, I hope you appreciated it.

The afternoon had plenty of user presentations and a set of VSP sessions, just before the opening of the Solutions Centre. That must’ve been the largest hall we’ve had in a while. The balloon drop to celebrate 25 years of IDUG was a nice surprise, drinks were plenty as was the exposure for the vendors. If you collected your stamps, make sure you’re present at the raffle on Wednesday’s lunch.

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Triton and DBI's Monday evenings reception is becoming a nice IDUG EMEA tradition. The view from the top floor of the Gran Hotel Princesa Sofia of Barcelona by night was breathtaking. Besides that, all eyes were on the scoreboard of the DB2 Geek Battle. Guests were pitted against each other in a DB2 quiz for their favorite platform. Those unlucky to not make the top 5 still went home with a little DB2 Geek doll. Thanks for the great evening!

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