There’s no stopping now: Day 2 at the IDUG EMEA Tech Conference

Order of the day: the opening keynote. As you know, we’re celebrating IDUG’s 25th and DB2’s 30th anniversaries this year. Bonnie Baker, Julian Stuhler and Tim Vincent gave their vision on the history, the present and future of DB2. Even though the attendance rate was really good, there wasn’t a thing to be heard when Bonnie announced her retirement on stage. I’m a LUW guy, but the things I’ve heard about her make that a very well deserved retirement. Another memorable moment was Julian’s take on the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclis:

“Good DBA’s are not formed in a week or a month. They are created little by little, day by day. Protracted and patient effort is needed to develop good DBA’s”.

Yes, that could’ve passed for a motivational keynote. IBM Fellow Tim Vincent gave an overview of where he saw data management move to in the future, sharing his thoughts on Big Data and NoSQL.

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The Free IBM Certification Exams are popular as always. A new certification is probably the easiest, most tangible proof of the conference’s educational value that you can take back home. Our attendants are doing pretty well, too. Two days into the conference 124 free tests have been taken with a pass rate of 79%! Well done! That’s good news, as a passed test gives you another one for free this year. With 46 takes, #610 DB2 10 Fundamentals was the most popular certification test.

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IBM volunteers Frank Petersen and Cristian Molaro each gave a session on what it takes to be an IDUG Volunteer or Speaker at IDUG. If you are considering either - very rewarding - option, please check the call for presentations page for IDUG EMEA 2014 (to be announced) or talk to any of the volunteers around for the options. Next door int the Solutions Expo, the VSP prize drawings were attracting a large crowd.

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Two days into the conference, another thing that can’t be ignored is the catering. The Spanish cuisine is wonderful. The concept and look of the arròs negre did make some attendants a bit wary, but most of it enjoyed it a lot. There are also drinks and small snacks available throughout the day around the different rooms. We need the energy for the stairs between the floors, though, don’t let the people at home think we’re getting out of shape here!

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“It takes DB2 to tango” is what CA had in mind for Tuesday evening. The red velvet-lined Luz de Gas venue was the place to be for those who liked to enjoy some tango dancing. Most of us only watched the amazing performances, but some took the challenge and actually went out to try a few steps themselves. I’ve got to say that the female candidates were putting quite a bit of trust in their male counterparts for that last move! The party was great and the dance floor was filled throughout the evening.

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