Getting to top speed: Day 3 at IDUG EMEA 2013

That was a pretty short night, but we’re ready for the most technical day of the week. Each track has six sessions planned, nicely divided with the two expert panels planned in the middle. I guess you're not looking for pictures of those, are you? Well, here are a few anyway. I personally look forward to the expert panels. The questions themselves tend to not be the most interesting part, but the lively discussions that follow and to which the IBM labs guys are willingly exposing themselves are among the most educational and entertaining of the conference.

IMG_9932.JPG  IMG_9846.JPG

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These are well attended sessions where a large part of the attendees from one of both platforms are present. I joined the LUW one. This is probably the best one to find out which parts of the product and tools your peers are using. A few show of hands indicated the users’ sentiment regarding the Control Center (it’s still used and missed), db2top (a crowd favorite) and others. That was very valuable input for the IBM labs where the attendees could make a real difference. Attendees are usually very curious about what’s in the pipeline and sometimes did get an glimpse of the priorities of the labs or some of the current pain points they acknowledge. We got the message that the labs clearly understood how strongly we felt about db2top :-)

A third session to note was Kurt Struyf and Daniel Luksetich’s session “Fun with SQL”, an interactive quiz where people got alternating access to the computer to solve a puzzle, helped or more confused by the other participants’ input. Dan’s computer had some issues that almost made it impossible to get the quiz going, but luckily everything got fixed on time with Philip Nelson’s help.

In the Solutions Expo, after three days the time was ready for the Password to Prizes drawing. The participating sponsors made sure there were plenty of electronics to change hands for those who diligently visited all of them during the course of the expo. Congratulations to all the winners!

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IBM had something special in mind for DB2’s 30th anniversary party, on the premises of the Parc Zoològic de Barcelona – for those not fluent in Catalan: the zoo - in the Parc de la Ciutadella.

IMG_9938.JPG IMG_9947.JPGIMG_9962.JPG IMG_9991.JPG

In this very stylish setting, they traditionally recognized members of the community whose contributions in the past year have been exceptional. ‎A new face for most, Sean Poulley, VP Databases & Data Warehousing presented himself to the audience and handed out some of the awards. The list is too long to include in its entirety, but there were awards for Regional User Groups, top consultants and community advocates, certification exam high score winners, …

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The two guitar players during the dinner were a very stylish touch. The band that played afterwards made up for their lack of good taste by bringing loads of good vibrations and was forced to play an encore afterwards. The attendees that preferred a quieter atmosphere spent that part of the evening outside, where the mild Spanish climate and the beautifully lit garden made for an exceptional environment for some laid-back socializing.

IMG_0142.JPG   IMG_0157-001.JPG

IMG_0129.JPG   IMG_0165.JPG

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If you feel you should be part of the picture set and aren't, please consider that I might just be protecting your public image :-) That was one wild party! Contact me and I can share some more pictures in person.

Off to bed for the last day of the conference.

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