New Article : "DB2 and JSON" by Joe Geller

Rounding out our coverage of new DB2 technologies this month, we feature an article describing the JSON Technology Preview shipped with DB2 for LUW 10.5, written by Joe Geller.  Check out the article here -

From personal experience, JSON is becoming very widely used and the introduction of support for it in DB2 is timely.   As well as the support shipped with DB2 for LUW 10.5, we are expecting similar support shortly for DB2 for z/OS 10 and 11.  It will be interesting to see how some of the functionality, particularly the Wire Listener, is implemented on this platform.

Having spent a lot of time working with the JSON support while preparing a presentation for the recent IDUG EMEA Technical Conference in Barcelona, it is very much a "work in progress".   There have been major enhancements in the two fixpacks so far released for DB2 for LUW 10.5, and we can expect this to continue.

I was able to spend a fair amount of time at the conference discussing the JSON roadmap with some of the developers.   Watch this space ... IDUG will be there to bring you the best technical coverage of DB2's JSON support as it happens.

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