IDUG's generous side, free stuff inside.

Everyone likes free stuff, don't we? This entry will be only about stuff we give or gave away for free. No strings attached? We don't expect much in return, with one notable exception being explained later.
Let's start with the biggest fishes, the free complementary conference registrations for the 2014 Prague Conference. There are two ways of getting a chance at those, one that takes only a few minutes and that one that requires a bit more effort.
The easy one is responding to the Attendee Survey. Share your thoughts on the previous conference and hope you're the one picked to win a free conference pass. What you'll surely get in return is a conference that takes into account your remarks in 2014. We love comments, you wouldn't believe it. Even if you're just saying how much you liked it, we still appreciate it. But constructive feedback is really what we crave for.
Easy, right? We realize that finding the survey isn't as straightforward as responding your average Doodle, but we need to link the responses to your IDUG account - remember the free pass? - and the specific conference to filter the actual attendants. So, a quick guide to responding to the attendee survey is in place. Those who responded already can skip the part with the pictures.
Click the My Conference button below.
If you're not yet logged in, this screen will appear. Select the top right option and enter your IDUG credentials in the next screen.
If you forgot them, please consider coming here more often or at least use a better password strategy :-)  Anyway, that should lead you to this
screen where you can navigate to the survey.
Fill it out, press Accept at the bottom and presto! The survey will run until the 11th of november so don't hesitate too long.

On to the second chance to get a free conference pass.
Share your experience and expertise on DB2 with your peers at the IDUG Tech Conference 2014 in Prague by submitting a presentation abstract. The Call for Presentations was opened right after the Barcelona conference.
Now, we know this isn't as easy an option as the first one - be prepared to put some effort in creating a presentation - but it's much more rewarding. Your peers will be thankful for sharing your experience with them. Your company will recognize you for the expert you are and at the least, it will expand your own knowledge as you'll be digging for information and structuring it in a way that will surely benefit you later.
A lot of attendants object to this suggestion by saying that there's nothing they have got to tell. That's not true. The survey responses that we collected already tell us that people really want to hear user speakers and your experience is important to them. If you're still in doubt, have a look at this video we prepared for 2013 and check the speaker page for the Prague Conference.
If your presentation abstract is selected to be delivered at the conference, you will receive one complimentary conference registration!

The people that really don't need to do anything anymore are the lucky ones below. Their session evaluation forms were picked at IDUG EMEA and they won an Amazon gift certificate and will be notified soon. Congratulations to the winners!
- Thomas Fasselt, Finanz informatik
- Martin Reiser, Amos
- Andy Hunt, LBG
- Aristarc Diez, Costaisa
- Rob Pearce, Swisscom
- Kans Erik Eskils, Baulegirocentralen
- Bert Van Langen, Triodos Bank
- Ken Warren, Unilever
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