new article: Migrating to DB2 10 for z/OS - Rebind What?

In this month with focus on "legacy migration" we last week focussed on the interaction between new technologies and DB2.

This week we'll put the focus on migrating to a new release of DB2, both and z/OS and LUW.  Before we talk about migrating to a new release of DB2 on LUW, the hard way (look for this article later this week) we let content committee member Jeff Lane take point with rebind lessons learned after migrating to a new release.  Jeff explains very nicely what it is you need to rebind, but beyond that also WHY you should.  For all those SYSADM and DBA feeling reluctant to rebind after a migration,  it might be a good idea to take a few minutes and read this article.

If you already rebind regularly you might find new arguments to keep doing it.

 the link to the article:


  I hope you enjoy this month's topic and content.

Kurt Struyf



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