DB2 JCC Trace Analyser Tutorial by Rodney Krick

First time contributor Rodney Krick has made available an analyzer for the DB2 JCC Trace on the IDUG Codeplace here -


To compliment this software, he has written a tutorial on how to use it, which we are delighted to share with the IDUG Community -


The code which Rodney has shared with the community not only provides the same functionality from a similar tool which IBM used to supply, but also incorporates some excellent extended features.   It will be absolutely invaluable for anyone who wants to understand the performance of SQL flowing to DB2 from the DB2 Java client (JCC is the Java Combined Client : what many of us call the "JDBC driver").

This blog entry highlights yet another way that all of you can consider contributing to building the IDUG DB2 Community : by contributing useful code which you have developed for your own use but could be generally useful.   Of course you'd need to ensure that your employer was happy for you to make this contribution.   Rodney has gone a step beyond this and written an excellent user guide to go with the code itself.   I'd like to thank him for all his work on this.

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