Welcome to the DB2 Beginner's Blog!  We are planning some great content for people who are new to DB2 on all platforms in any job responsibility.  Check the classification of each post to see what may apply to your situation. 

Some of the content here will be original and sometimes we will point you to other presentations and articles on the IDUG website and elsewhere.

You may also leave us some comments on this post to suggest topics that interest you.


The IDUG Content Team

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RE: Welcome

August 19, 2014 05:51 AM by Fernando Artero

Hello David, many thanks for creating this beginners blog. I have some DB knowledge and I'm planning to specialize myself in DB2 z/os. At the moment I'm very lost and I'm looking for an introduction manual. By the way, I have already learned sossme interesting things here as DB2 catalog and DB2 families. Thanks again and regards

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