My EMEA Highlights

IDUG recently wrapped-up the DB2 Tech Conference in Prague. The event was a success, drawing almost 500 attendees from across the globe. The IDUG app was a hit as well. Attendees used the app to plan their conference schedules and added more than 3,800 sessions to their person agendas within the app. Read the wrap-up article for conference highlights and more here. 

My favorite moment during the conference in Prague was the opening session where the whole build-up with audio visuals was indeed very spectacular, considering that this was all running on minimal budget. What used to be a simple call from "the voice of God" to get someone on stage had turned into a sound and vision spectacle, all run on the IDUG fuel of volunteer time.

The keynote was an experience in itself and what a way to start an educational week by being lifted up by a motivational speaker like Caspar Berry talking about Black Swans and Butterflies: Uncertainty and Threats, things we can very much relate to our world of IT.

Apart from a great technical program throughout the week, I also enjoyed the closing session, where we had the great pleasure of re-experiencing Jan Henderyckx performing yet another well-delivered closing keynote at IDUG. In fact, ten years had gone past since Jan delivered his first keynote and coincidentally, the conference was also held in Prague back then.

For all of that and much more I want to express a great thank you to Cris Molaro and his team for delivering an exceptional educational experience and demonstrating attendance numbers we have not seen for quite some time.

New this year we had our Content Committee lead by Dan Luksetich on site doing sessions recordings, so expect to see some drip feeds soon to build appetite for attending future IDUG technical conferences.

I hope you enjoyed yourself as well, if you attended the event! If you weren’t able to, check out our upcoming events.

Take a few moments to read Matt Huras’ article on DB2 Cancun, as well as the other content articles to stay up-to-date on all things DB2! 


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