DB2 Precompile, Compile & Bind Process Explained

Check out this great article from Jeff Lane about the program preparation process for COBOL programs that use DB2 for z/OS.

Click here to download the article:



You can reach Jeff at jslane@msn.com

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Please clarify the DB2 SQL code -805(Reason Code 3) and -818(Timestamp Mismatch)

November 4, 2016 04:25 AM by Aravind Pichumani

Hi David,

Can you please clarify my query on Db2 SQL code -805(Reason Code 3) and -818(Time stamp mismatch). In IBM Manual i could see both the codes are used for same content(Consistancy Token). But one is Associated to PACKAGE and other one is Assocated with PLAN.To Execute a Program that involves DB2 we anyway requires a PLAN.Please let me know on what occasions these two SQLcodes may occur.




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