All I Want for (DB2) Christmas

It is nearly the end of another year in the world of DB2.  IBM has delivered some exciting new functionality in the past 12 months in both the DB2 for z/OS and DB2 for LUW products.  Other vendors have also been hard at work producing third party products to make our DB2 experience better. And IDUG has been trying to deliver the best technical content possible, with more content than ever having been made available this year through both the traditional conference model but also increasingly through electronic means.

But we are never happy - we always want more. So I asked some of the IDUG Content Committee what was the Number 1 item on their DB2 Christmas wish list.  I got an interesting and varied bunch of responses.  Some even sent in half a dozen requests: Santa doesn’t like folks who are too greedy, I had to remind them.   Here are some of the things which we’d like to see in 2015.  Hopefully the “IBM Santa” is listening.

Check out the wish list here -

And a Happy Christmas to all IDUG members.

Phil Nelson

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