Spring has Sprung at IDUG

Spring is upon us! And with it, the IDUG DB2 North American Tech Conference is quickly approaching. IDUG is very proud of the program that the North America Conference Planning Committee has been able to put together and in particular the synergy created from parallel activities in our Content Committee. They have dedicated the whole of April to focus on SQL and Application development, which leads perfectly up their onsite Fun with SQL activities at IDUG in Philly. This is excellent evidence of IDUG’s commitment to support the education of application developers.

This month, I’ve been doing a bit of spring cleaning – which includes cleaning up my IDUG user profile. Does yours need some work? Sign in to the IDUG website and make sure your information is up-to-date… and add a profile picture to spice things up!

You might notice that IDUG is doing some spring cleaning of its own. Check out the new look of our social media pages – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Make sure to follow along if you don’t already and always use #IDUGDB2 when posting IDUG-related content on social media.

PS On Sunday 22 March I passed the 1 million steps mark, so I’m well on my way to reach the 1200 kilometers that I set as my personal target to reach before seeing you all to Philly.


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