Hello from Valley Forge!

Hello, and greetings from Valley Forge, Pennsylvania! I am happy to be here at the IDUG DB2 North American Tech Conference. In addition to the exceptional education I’ve been receiving, I’m enjoying the opportunity to meet and connect with many of you! To those who are here with me this week, thank you for coming! I hope you return home with expanded education, new friends and a renewed passion and interest in DB2. For those who weren’t able to join us, we hope to see you next year!

I’m sure that many of you working in your respective organizations are being faced with the message of “the only thing certain about the future is constant change” and with IDUG the past year it has been no different.

In fact, this is my last President’s Letter before handing over to the next in line, Anna Brodie. It may be a good time to quickly reflect on what, from my perspective, have been significant changes that IDUG has implemented over the last year to better serve our community.

  • The IDUG App, which was a huge success when first introduced at our 2014 EMEA event in Prague, is obviously also part of the IDUG experience for people here at Valley Forge. If you like it, don’t forget to spread the word.
  • The event for NA this year comprises many changes in order to pursue our strategy of better serving our community with first in class DB2 education. If you like what you get while in Valley Forge, don’t forget to let us and the rest of the DB2 community know. We want to see even more people joining us next year.
  • Things not yet visible to you, but should be worthwhile looking forward to, are the changes to our website currently in the process of being implemented. This facelift with improved navigation will significantly enhance your experience when visiting idug.org! Stay tuned.

On a personal level, as you may know from reading my previous President’s Letters, I’ve been on a rampage to change my personal habits by moving more (read, significantly more). The main motivation, obviously being taking better care of my health, but also for me personally to be fit for another trip to the Red Sea for some serious scuba diving.

When you read this I’ll be past 1.5 million steps since 1st of January 2015, so the 1200 kilometers that I set as a goal has been reached even before going to Philly and the positive side effect is that I’m now roughly 10% lighter after having lost 9 kilos, just by walking and enjoying the endorphins.

With this, I leave my last President’s Letter. Cheers to your own good health and an exciting time in IDUG to come!


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