How to set the different connection attributes to pass client information into DB2?


We use WAS with connection pooling from multiple WAS applications and we are wondering how/if we can use the WLM connection attributes.  Are those connection attributes only set at connection pool setup time, or how frequently are they changed?  If those cannot be used, is there a way to pass a java property of the applicationname down to DB2 WLM to be used?



There is actually a supplement to the DB2 workload management best practices paper (Implementing DB2 workload management in a data warehouse) which is specifically about this topic. It discusses what connection attributes exist, how these values are set, as well as which popular products offer the ability to automatically set values for you.

The link to the supplement is buried down at the bottom right of the page and the one you are interested in is DB2BP_WLM_Setting_Client_Info_Fields.pdf (PDF - 463KB).


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