December 2011 President's Message

Writing this entry on Christmas Eve, it seems appropriate to take a look back at the year.  Yet it feels strange to do so as I am half way through my term as IDUG President and will be writing my May entry looking back at my year as President as well.

2011 has been a great year for IDUG.  We moved to a new Web site this year. Not everything is up and running on the new site yet, but the majority of items are there and we are working hard on the rest.   I pass on my sincere thanks to all involved in the transition to the new site, which I know was more than just the web team.  On the site, we have many years of past conference presentations available for free.  These are an incredibly valuable resource for people.  For example, those of you who are at the tail end of migrating from DB2 for z/Os V8 (including those of you going to 9 not 10), you will find best practice presentations to assist you. We are looking forward to delivering even more over the web to benefit the whole community during the coming year.

I attended three great conferences this year.  You may have noticed the additional branding of the conferences as the IDUG DB2 Tech Conferences.  These conferences deliver great technical education and are THE place to go to get top DB2 education.  My thanks go out to all the volunteers, speakers and staff who make these events so valuable. I am looking forward to attending the IDUG DB2 Tech Conferences next year as well.

Looking back though, I know that great conferences and a new web site only go so far.  We undertook the largest survey we have ever done so that we could understand what the community wanted. The content committee is working on making sure that we deliver what you need based on the survey results. There isn't enough time at the conferences to deliver enough information about everything people are interested in (and some of these can be niche products), so I encourage you to watch for these being delivered on the Web site.

I think the best measure that we are doing 'the right thing' is that our membership is growing. We are a community and the Board and the various committees are here to serve the community. So it is great to see the community grow. IBM also recognised the community at their annual dinner at the IDUG DB2 Tech Conference in Prague, Czech Republic:

As we move into 2012, I know IDUG has some exciting times ahead!  I am not going to unwrap all the exciting work we are doing, but I think that 2012 is going to be a fantastic year for IDUG. I hope it is also a fantastic year for each and every member of the community.  I look forward to meeting many of you again at the IDUG DB2 Tech Conferences during the year.

Have a fantastic New Year.

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