IDUGs DB2 12 for z/OS Technical White Paper is on its way!

If you ask someone in the initial weeks of training for their first marathon whether they are likely to repeat the experience when it’s over, you’re unlikely to get a positive response. The same would probably hold true for an expectant mother in the worst throes of morning sickness. However, ask those same individuals a few months or years later and they might give a very different reply – the sense of achievement and value of the end “product” tends to dampen down any memories of the pain and sacrifice needed to produce it.
And so it is with the IDUG DB2 for z/OS white paper committee, who have once again embarked on several months of hard work to research the new features in DB2 12 for z/OS with the aim of producing a user-oriented technical overview. An amazing proportion of the original committee have signed up to work on the new paper and I’m immensely grateful to them (as well as one or two new members who didn’t know what they were letting themselves in for!)
Just like the DB2 11 for z/OS version produced back in October 2013, the new white paper will present a technical overview of the new DB2 for z/OS release from an IDUG user’s perspective. Thanks to some much-appreciated support from IBM, we’ve been given access to the Early Support Programme beta code for DB2 12 and the committee is busy getting to grips with the many new features. The paper is expected to be ready in time for General Availability (date yet to be confirmed by IBM) but in the meantime we’ll be posting regular monthly updates on some of the new features we’ve been exploring so please watch this space.
P.S. If you’re keen to learn a bit more on the overall themes for DB2 12, please take a look at the DB2 12 ESP announcement letter.

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