Exciting Times Ahead for IDUG

The IDUG DB2 Tech Conference in Austin, Texas wrapped up a few weeks ago, and I am still seeing a lot of excitement and buzz about the event. 

The 2016 conference had many excellent technical presentations on the usual DB2 favorite topics like performance and database backups, but also had a number of sessions on DB2 in the cloud and Spark analytics.  Some of these new sessions drew big crowds with many users excited to learn more about how IBM is driving open source innovation. After Spark Day was a big hit in EMEA last fall, we brought it to the North America event as an added value for conference-goers.  I was able to attend a couple of the Spark sessions and learned a lot about this new technology. 

The networking opportunities at the conference are always a favorite for attendees, including myself, and this year, we had many to choose from with planned events hosted by BMC, DBI and IBM.  One of the great things about IDUG though, is that networking occurs everywhere.  Some of the best conversations between fellow DB2 users happen right in the hallway or while walking to another session.

This year’s conference chair Terry Johnson has posted a wrap-up article highlighting some of the best presentations of the event, so make sure to check that out.

The end of the North America event symbolizes a passing of the torch for the IDUG Board of Directors. It is a pleasure and an honor to take on the role of IDUG President of the Board from Anna Brodie Nelson, who in the last year has led IDUG through the launch of our new IDUG.org website and many initiatives aimed at growing and evolving our community.

I am honored to lead IDUG this year.  I have had many volunteer roles in the IDUG organization having started on the RUG team and then moving on to the North America Conference Planning Committee, before becoming a member of IDUG's Board of Directors.

There are many exciting times ahead for IDUG this year including the upcoming DB2 12 for z/OS technical white paper, numerous webinars, many articles and blog entries on the IDUG site and two more IDUG conferences.  The next conference will be the IDUG DB2 Technical Conference in Sydney, Australia September 13 -16.  This will be followed by the IDUG DB2 Technical Conference in Brussels, Belgium November 13 -1 7.

I have met many of you at past IDUG conferences and hope to meet many more of you at the upcoming conferences.

Paul Turpin

IDUG Board of Directors President 2016/17

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