March 2012 President's Message

This month IDUG is looking at a topic close to many of your hearts - DB2 for z/OS migration. As the DB2 for z/OS V8 EOS date approaches, it is a key driver to migrating to either DB2 9 or DB 10. It's always interesting to discuss with management which release is the best fit for your organization. Do you skip a release and save more work in the long run, or do you go to an older, theoretically more stable, version. Regardless of the option you choose, IDUG has a wealth of material that will help you migrate. In fact, at the IDUG DB2 Tech Conference in Denver, taking place in May, you can even attend a DB2 for z/OS Migration Planning Workshop. There are additional sessions at the event to help get you up to speed as you migrate through the versions. If you are unable to take advantage of the excellent education (and discussions with fellow DB2 professionals, IBM developers, etc.) in-person, we have also just migrated several presentations to the IDUG Web site. This work involved tagging the presentations to improve the searchability, enabling you to get the maximum value out of your (free) IDUG membership.

So whether you are looking to migrate from DB2 V8 to DB2 9, DB2 V8 to DB2 10, DB2 9 to DB2 10, IDUG is the place to get your education. The best place is at one of our excellent value DB2 Technical Conferences (visit for more information), but if you cannot attend, then our online presentations are available for you in our Tech Library.

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