DB2 11 and 12 for z/OS Native REST Compatibility!

Many of us are familiar with the ability to call a DB2 for z/OS service via REST API and z/OS Connect. While this seams highly attractive, many DB2 professionals are a bit uncomfortable with including an additional product, z/OS Connect, in the mix. In  addition to that, the DB2 Adaptor for z/OS Connect is part of the DB2 Accessories Suite, and while this set of tools is free, it is not a part of the base product which leaves system programmers in a state of unease at having to install and support this extra software.

For those not aware of the DB2 RESTful API functionality please follow the links at the bottom of this article.


Did I shout load enough? Imagine being able now to invoke a DB2 SQL statement or stored procedure call using a URI to invoke a service natively within DB2 for z/OS. The call goes directly into the DB2 for z/OS distributed address space just like a normal remote call might come in. However, this is a network call, not a DB2 call. To be more specific, an application does not need a DB2 client to make this call. It is simply a REST based call to an address. A JSON package is sent to the service, and a JSON package is received in response by the caller. Yes, that's right, you communicate directly to DB2 using JSON!

RESTful services are constructed using IBM Data Studio 4.1.2. To build a service you construct a new (or use an existing) SQL statement or SQL stored procedure, and drag that statement into a service object. That service object can then be deployed to the target DB2 subsystem or data sharing group. Other than security, that is all there is to it. In short, you can construct a single statement, drop it into a service, and deploy in slightly more time than it takes to write that statement. I have talked to DB2 customers that are already doing this with z/OS Connect and when I joked that it took 5 minutes to create a DB2 for z/Os web service they laughed at me...."no, it doesn't take that long!"

There is a new fixpak now available for IBM Data Studio 4.1.2 to support this functionality!

This truely represents a major breakthrough in DB2 for z/OS functionality, and opens the door to a new world of possibilities! Check it out!

The APAR for DB2 11 for z/OS is PI66828

References to this functionality (these are references that use z/OS Connect that you no longer need, but the concept is the same):

IDUG article on JSON, REST, and mobile support

DB2 Adaptor overview (remember, this is what you don't need anymore, but the functionality is the same now)

Building mobile applications article part 1 (talks about REST API in DB2, but again this is now direct to DB2!)

Building mobile applications article part 2

Fixpaks for IBM Data Studio

Check it out and tell your management that they can start building cloud service calls to DB2 11 and 12 for z/OS today, and have them deployed....well, today!


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