Changes Ahead for IDUG

If you are reading this, it means you embrace database technologies and you are probably constantly processing changes.

Let’s start with a non-significant change that happened last month during our IDUG DB2 Technical Conference in Anaheim; I’m the new IDUG BOD president. IDUG has the habit to handover that role every year to a new person. In a way that stimulates change-oriented leadership with its advantages and disadvantages, in general it is conceived as effective. I have a long history with IDUG as I started my first volunteer role in 2000 serving in the EMEA conference planning committee, for which I was Chairperson in 2002 and 2004. In 2005 I joined the board and was assigned to setup an IDUG event in India, which so happened in 2006 and 2007. After a short break I became the board liaison for the content team presided over by its supreme leader Dan Luksetich. He stepped down a few weeks ago after a few years of hard labor and I’m using this opportunity to thank him for that. I wish Kurt Struyf a lot of success as the new king of the content committee ;-).  

I also want to thank my esteemed predecessors Paul Turpin and Anna Brodie for their mentoring which prepared me for this role.

Databases are as unavoidable in daily life as they are necessary. I bet everyone sees their use in a few domains such as Online Television Streaming, Cloud Storage, Finances, Government, ECommerce, Healthcare, … It might not all be DB2 but a lot can be. By looking at this list you easily notice that there are new domains that only slipped in our vocabulary the past few years.

At IDUG we are constantly looking at these changes and try to adapt our offerings towards you. Last month we hosted the Data Tech Summit at the same time as the DB2 Tech Conference; our goal is to bring more insight into Machine Learning, Analytics and Data Science which would hopefully help you position these new technologies in your daily work with DB2. Since we consider the Data Tech Summit a success, we will organize likewise sessions in EMEA as well. Besides the Data Tech Summit, the EMEA team is planning for five days of education about DB2 and adjacent technologies, half and full-day workshops, over a hundred one-hour technical sessions, three expert panels on z/OS, LUW and Application Development. Don’t hesitate to register; full details about the agenda will be posted soon on our website. The event is taking place October 1- October 5.

We also tested a new way to bring our education to those that were not able to attend the conference by hosting the first Ustream (Living Streaming) session, for the occasion the mixed DB2 z/OS and LUW expert panel. The online audience participated enthusiastically by challenging the panel with questions. We will repeat this changed way of bringing education during the summer when our team goes to the DB2 labs to brief you about the announcements IBM will have made by the end of June. Don’t miss out on this and monitor your social media to register.

My current aspiration is that we will grow the community by opening up our online presence in other languages. We have formed a special task force that not only will investigate these possibilities but will also have a look at the consumability of our website. We have so much content out there but believe it is not always consulted as much as it can be. I will report about the progress in my coming letters.

Going to a conference usually gives me a lot of new ideas and plans by simply talking to my peers and listing to the challenges of others. This year’s conversations also made clear that our operational model is coming under stress as more and more companies have travel restrictions, lower budget for education, can’t miss their heroes for several days, … so that requires more changes, which I hopefully can brief you on in my coming blogs.

For the same reasons I will not be able to attend our Australasia conference in Melbourne but luckily a lot of our professional speakers and DB2 users will. The planning committee is still soliciting for presentations so don’t miss the chance to share your challenges and solutions with your peers and register at which is planned from September 12- 14.

If you have ideas or changes you would like us to implement, don’t hesitate to drop me an e-mail, the more ideas the better. I can be reached at

Hope to see you at one of our next events.

Luc Vandaele

IDUG Board of Directors President 2017/18


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