DB2 for z/OS JSON Enhancements and use cases with Watson

Applications around Mobile devices are becoming increasingly important in large enterprises with requirement of storing JSON in database. This presentation will illustrate the JSON storage model and SQL APIs to manipulate JSON data. We will also present the JSON enhancements we delivered in the services stream. With rapid adoption of JSON, we will share how customers use JSON in a real world scenario and use cases using Watson. Tips and pitfalls will be given to ensure a successful JSON solution in an agile application development model.

Jane Man is a Senior Software Engineer in DB2 for z/OS development. Jane has more than 15 years’ experience in developing high quality data/content-centric solutions for enterprise customers. Jane has authored many patents and whitepapers on current technology topics and is a regular speaker in global conferences. Jane is an IBM Certified System Administrator for WebSphere Application Server, IBM Certified Database Administrator for DB2 Universal Database for z/OS, Linux, UNIX and Windows, IBM Certified Solution Designer for DB2 Content Manager, IBM Certified Deployment Profession for Tivoli Storage Manager, and IBM Certified Application developer for DB2 Universal Database Family.

Watch this presentation from the 2017 North America Conference on YouTube.

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