On the waves of DB2 12 for z/OS

On the waves of DB2 12 for z/OS

Just recently, I've came across a video on YouTube about catching the early wave of DB2 12. Yes, DB2 12 is out for some time so it is the right time to start surfing! As you may have already heard there are many new features available in DB2 12, but one of the most important change is that IBM is switching to the continuous delivery model, which means that you will get new functions in incremental updates and it is up to you if you activate new functions or not, you'll have such flexibility. I believe that both DBAs and application developers will benefit from this.

Other than that, I am pretty sure that everyone regardless the role will find his or her goodies in DB2 12. To name a few, here is my personal short list of best of features available in base DB2 12 available since GA:

  • Dynamic plan stability - just imagine that - the flexibility of dynamic SQL combined with a static SQL-like plan stability for repeating dynamic SQL statements. In simple words, I found this amazing.
  • Range-partitioned tablespaces with relative page numbering (PBR RPN) - was it only me, who was always confused with the complicated limitations for large tablespaces because of an existing relationship between the data set size, page size, and number of partitions? All has changed now, and you can benefit of larger tablespace sizes with even more flexibility.
  • Enhanced MERGE - I am usually a lazy developer, so I try to use statements that do most of the work for me whenever feasible. That is why I like the MERGE statement because I don't have to code separate INSERT or UPDATE statements, but I can do all in one statement. However, the MERGE statement in DB2 for z/OS was pretty limited until DB2 12. That is no longer true and you can enjoy the power of enhanced MERGE.
  • SQL pagination support - when I speak to some of my friends, who are familiar with other database management systems other than DB2, they are usually surprised that there is no OFFSET keyword in SELECT for DB2 for z/OS. Until now! This seems like a small change, but a nice improvement.

As you may imagine this is far away from a full list of new features! Stay tuned for more content coming to the IDUG website and learn more about the exciting enhancements in DB2 12. We will post articles about the Fast Traversal blocks, which is an In-Memory optimization for index access, about highly demanded SQL features like enhanced MERGE or piece wise DELETE, and also about the new Relative page numbering range-partitioned tablespaces I've briefly mentioned above.

I understand, you are now eager to learn more, but cannot wait a few more days or weeks for a new content at the IDUG website. Don't worry, we already have some reading for you available today! Here is a brief list:

  • you may have already noticed the IDUG DB2 12 Technical white paper that went out during the last IDUG conference in EMEA. It is a great source of information for DBAs, sysprogs, as well as for application developers. If you haven't had a chance to review it, definitely have a look!
  • January was the IDUG content month for DB2 12 Continuous Delivery, I would point out two parts article by Chris Crone about the Continuous Delivery and what it means to you. If you are struggling understanding what the Continuous Delivery actually is and what benefits does it bring it you, read this article carefully - part 1 and part 2.
  • Traditionally, there are two IBM Redbooks available for each new release - Technical overview, and Performance topics. DB2 12 Technical Overview is already available for download and waiting for you! The DB2 12 Performance Topics are on the way, stay tuned.

Last, but not least, watch our content in the next few weeks, I hope you will find the articles we will publish useful.

Also, remember that the next IDUG EMEA will be in Lisbon, so catch the early wave and plan to attend if you can :)

Cheers, Emil.

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