Db2 rebranding ...

On June 22nd, DB2 changed …

… into Db2. I’m referring to the brand name of Db2, off course the database engines haven’t changed that dramatically in one day. You probably already noticed the name change on IBM’s web pages related to the database portfolio. IDUG is now challenged to implement the name change as well in our logo, our web pages, but I’m going to be a bad student and do that gradually as we have other priorities as well.

To me the change of the brand name isn’t the most exciting part of it, in my opinion it is more important that IBM is focusing more on the fact that data is driving real innovation across a vast number of industries.  As part of this shift, IBM is now placing more emphasis on how organizations manage Data, relational, columnar, open source and more. They will be doing more advertising and communications about the new broader Db2 brand, to help differentiate IBM and its Db2 offerings.

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During the announcement made in Munich, Germany IBM introduced the Db2 Developer Community Edition, a new offering aimed at developers that can be quickly and easily downloaded, at no cost. This new edition is a full-featured version of Db2 that is designed to enable developers to rapidly build prototypes of applications that leverage all the capabilities of the Enterprise Edition.  Here is the link to the announcement in case you want to have a look:



Vijay, our Vice President for Global Operations and Communications has formed a team to run a special event in September (currently we aim at September 6) hosted from the IBM Toronto Lab to brief you in detail about the announcement. This will be a one-day event streamed live from the Lab exclusively for IDUG and orchestrated by IDUG. We will be using uStream again as we did for our mixed Db2 panel during the last conference in North America. Many questions from all over the world came in for the panelists and they were served with a response immediately. In order to participate, the only thing you have to do is to register via Eventbrite (not open yet but the event is already online). Keep an eye on that in case you want to know all about the latest from Db2 and don’t forget to invite your colleagues as well.

I did find it with following search keys:



 In the beginning of the month we decided that the first additional language we will be hosting as part of our website will be Spanish. We don’t have the intention to hire a bunch of translators and translate every document/blog we have, but to let it grow organically through intensive interaction with the community.  


In the past weeks the board had a few virtual meetings to analyze our event pricing structure and I’m extremely satisfied that we have come to an agreement to change it. We had many different discount programs, not structured very well, very confusing and we were focusing more on new attendees then rewarding loyalty for those of you that attend our conferences regularly. We will switch from 2 registration periods into 4 with the goal to reward the early deciders the most. Our reasoning is that these persons have been to IDUG before and are confident that the quality of our program improves year after year, without even have seen the program of the next event. Starting for the North America event 2018 we will have a Loyalty registration period which is applicable from the opening of the registration and lasts for 2 months. It offers a 30% discount compared to the full registration. The second period we will call the Early registration period which starts right after the Loyalty and ends 6 weeks prior to the conference, it offers a 15% discount. Then we have the Full registration period which ends the day before the event starts. For registrations at the event itself we will charge our costs on top. Off course, the Loyalty period is applicable for everyone; only the period is the determining factor. The terms of payment are net 30 otherwise the invoice will be corrected in accordance with the following period. We will also implement this pricing structure for the EMEA 2018 event.

Which is definitely worth remembering is that the sooner you register, the better we can get organized running the event and make sure we can block enough hotel rooms at a reduced IDUG price.

A second important change in our pricing structure is that we now have a “Bring a colleague” program. To qualify you must have attended 3 major IDUG Conferences (North America, EMEA or Australasia) and it should be the first registration for your colleague. With your conference registration, you become eligible to apply for a coupon worth up to 60% off the registration rate for your colleague.  A colleague is someone that works for the same company (the better term would be co-worker and that is what we evaluate the qualification on) or in case you are a consultant, your co-workers at your customer site can take advantage of this offering as well. You can only consume this program once a year and is limited to 1 colleague.

There will also be a multiple Attendee Registration Discount. For 5 attendees that register at the same time, they get 10% discount, 10 attendees that register at the same time get a 20% discount, for 15 people that becomes 30% and in case you are considering coming with more than 20 we can offer 40% discount. You can contact support@idug.org in order to complete the registrations for multiple attendees.

The Australasia and EMEA teams are very busy preparing for their events as well which are taking place from September 12 to 14 in Melbourne and from October 1 to 5th in Lisbon. Their detailed agenda will be published soon.  

In case you planned for a summer vacation, enjoy it!

Don’t hesitate to drop me an e-mail in case you have suggestions, remarks, comments. I can be reached at luc.vandaele@idug.org.

Hope to see you at one of our next events.

Luc Vandaele

IDUG Board of Directors President 2017/18

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