Global Heating

It is a strange thing; scientists are telling the earth is warming up. It is supposed to be summer here where I live; it has been raining in the past days and will be chilly and raining during the following days. I guess my understanding of heating still needs to get more calibrated with my current physical experience of it.

I hope you already enjoyed your summer/winter break or are looking forward to it. I was on vacation for 10 days but with more than 100 committed active volunteers there was a buzz of activity and I’m happy there is no roaming charge any more for calling in Europe as my phone buzzed a lot as well.

Between my previous blog and today we published the agenda for the Australasian event in Melbourne, the EMEA event in Lisbon and I pushed to open the registrations for our NA event in Philadelphia city. From August 2 to October 2 you can register for NA 2018 at 30% off with our new Loyalty registration fee I explained last time.

For Melbourne there is next to the Db2 sessions also a dedicated New Technology Track and workshop. We have Pre-certification workshops both at the EMEA event and the AU event and certification testing onsite. This allows you to focus a few days on Db2 as never before (how often are you in the middle of so many peers?) and get certified to use during your job evaluations. Not for everyone available, but IBM will host for the first time a briefing for their Gold Consultants during an IDUG conference. As a positive side effect most of them will be in Lisbon and it is always nice to have a chat with these folks. Believe me; they visit so many different customer sites that they have a plentitude of experience to get an answer for the most challenging questions. IBM Champions gather at the IDUG conferences as well and they also acquire a lot of extra information about Information Management throughout the entire year. I’m certain that they are more than willing to share some of it with you. They can be recognized by the special ribbon. Visit our website, have a look at the agenda and register asap. For EMEA we will run out of hotel rooms at the main hotel very soon. The other hotel (Dom Pedro) is just crossing the street and very nice as well but some people prefer to stay in the main hotel.

Registration for the live Broadcast from the Toronto lab opened 2 weeks ago and the number of registrations are increasing at a rate that make me very happy. FYI you can register for free for the broadcast on September 6; It is a very appealing agenda offering the latest developments and how IBM brings its Information Management technology to the market, I’m sure you will get interested.

In fact we are so pleased with the current registration numbers that we decided during the last monthly board call that we want to host these live Broadcast events more often in 2018 (there is already one or 2  planned at the EMEA event this fall and we are thinking to visit the Db2 for z/OS labs as well). In 2018 we will be focusing specifically on topics that are of interest for developers in the Information Management space.

The board members and the committee chairs have started their cumbersome budget planning exercise for 2018. As there are a lot of committee’s to run the organization year round to provide added value for the Db2 community and we need event/association management companies to support the volunteers it is getting harder and harder to work towards break even. We start that planning every year in June and approve that budget during the face to face meeting at the Emea event.  We have procedures and guidelines to complete this budget planning civilized but we have to get more and more creative every time and we are reaching the point that the guidelines do no longer work. I still have to review my 2 budget programs, General Administration and Governance. I have started over so many times and I’m afraid I will have to do the unusual and break procedures to get the budget in balance. So in the coming months there will be plenty discussions that might affect how we operate and I will keep you updated as soon as I can.  

Although we still need to promote our current Webcasts more efficiently so everyone is at least aware we have them, we had 19 delivered in the first half of the year. With an average of 616 attendees per webcast and about 28 questions per webcast we are doing well comparing with the industry average. We already have 15 webcasts planned for the second half so that is something to look out to. If you know how our website is structured and you logged in as a member, you can find the agenda and past webcasts in our Articles & Content drop down menu under Tech Channel:



Of course, most of you know where to find them, but we are working on restructuring our <<content library>> so that it is easier to navigate and I hope to increase the search ability so that you have more hits when looking after information about a certain topic. In case you are interested as a volunteer to help coordinate this, please let the Volunteer Management Committee know, we will soon post a “job description”. You can write an e-mail to the chair person of the VMC, We need all the help we can get here. It is a great opportunity to learn about our organization from the inside and probably extend your Db2 professional network.

Don’t hesitate to drop me an e-mail in case you have suggestions, remarks, comments. I can be reached at

Hope to see you at one of our next events.

Luc Vandaele

IDUG Board of Directors President 2017/18

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