What's New In Recovery and Availability : Db2 V11.1.2.2

With the many new features introduced in, not to be overlooked are some of the enhancements made in the area of Recovery and Availability.  The team has been hard at work:

  • Trying to provide earlier access to your data after a crash recovery or HADR takeover through online recovery
  • pureScale support for rebuilding your database using table space backup images
  • Better monitoring of table space errors on an HADR standby and an easier way to repair them
  • Avoiding lock escalation situations between concurrent applications

While the above addresses some of the larger and more frequent requests we have had from customers of late, additional effort has also been made to improve other areas such as:

  • Recovery performance
  • Change history event monitor extensions
  • Clarity on Db2 version compatibility

The following link will provide an overview of some of the above mentioned features and introduce you to some of the new capabilities that Db2 Version can offer.

IDUG Content Blog - What's New In Recovery and Availability : Db2 V11.1.2.2

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