Conference period

With the risk that I will be accused to be doing nothing else but promoting our conferences, since we have 3 this month, it is hard not to write about them.

First of all we had our live stream event at the Toronto labs earlier this week. We consider it a huge success as we had over 500 subscribers and there were constantly over 200 à 250 people simultaneously connected. Too bad not all sessions could go into the fullest details, but in case they got your interest, most of the topics will be discussed more in dept at the conferences by the same or other speakers. Matt Huras and George Baklarz will both be in Melbourne and Lisbon (poor guys undergoing jet lags all the time). Keri Romanufa is on the agenda for Lisbon and I guess Jessica Rockwood will be present as well.

The Toronto live stream Event would not have been possible without the many hours of input and vision from Vijay Sitaram (IDUG/Medtronic), Jim Reed (IBM) and Mike Winer (IBM). I also want to thank all the speakers for their time and dedication, especially Jessica Rockwood for helping the before mentioned team to compose the program. And last but not least the people from UStream to deliver such a high quality streaming experience.  

Next Tuesday the Australasia Conference will kick off with DB2 Crammer classes on the first day, allowing you to prepare for the certification tests. On day 2 and 3 there is content for both DB2 and New Technologies. Have a look at the agenda on our website and I’m sure you will find multiple must attend sessions to fill your company’s professional agenda for the next year. On my facebook account I already notice that some of the speakers are around and preparing. It is not too late to register!

On the 2nd of October a lot of DB2 professionals will be in Lisbon for the Emea conference. Looking at the current registration numbers we will have more attendees than the last years. If you are all into Spark, Machine Learning or Data Sciences don’t forget to also have a look at the agenda for the Data Tech Summit which runs in parallel with the core DB2 sessions. There is free circulation possible between the two events if you are “hybrid” and want to attend both on Tuesday and Wednesday J As said in my previous blog, a lot of DB2 Gold Consultants will be present as well as Information Champions which is an ideal opportunity for networking. We plan to have nice weather and the city has changed a lot since the last time we were in Lisbon (2002), so in addition to your professional enrichments during the week, plan the preceding or following weekend to stay over to visit the city and relax!

In my previous blog I told you that we were thinking of having an online event oriented towards Db2 for z/OS and New Technologies. In the mean time we took this a step further and we are organizing the 2017 IDUG &IBM Data Tech Summit at Silicon Valley Lab, San Jose, California were IBM and IDUG are teaming up to deliver a 3-day Data Tech Summit. At the home of Db2 for z/OS there will be two parallel tracks on Db2 for z/OS and one for Analytics and Machine Learning. We have to limit the number of participants to 120. We are still planning to stream some of the sessions so you can attend live from your own desk. Full details about the agenda and registration can be found on We will soon setup a registration system for the online event as well.   

We are still preparing the organization for 2018 and have the goal to cut about 30% of non-conference costs. This would mainly have to be realized through the cost of general administration and global marketing. We are also reviewing and preparing changes in the volunteer compensation plan since the number of volunteers that receive some benefit for their contributions is not always in balance.

We are searching for a volunteer to help us change our website so that it addresses more the needs of our members and to help build the facilities for starting a Spanish community for developers that use Db2. It allows you to get in contact with a lot of our teams and increase your network. The posting can be found at You will have to login as a member to be able to see it.

Don’t hesitate to drop me an e-mail in case you have suggestions, remarks or comments. I can be reached at

I hope to see/hear you at one of our next events.

Luc Vandaele

IDUG Board of Directors President 2017/18

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