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I have just returned from our winter board meeting and have some exciting updates to share. First of all, I want to thank my fellow board members for all the energy they have spent, and more importantly will spend, throughout 2018 to grow IDUG.

We are planning more educational events than in the preceding years in order to give more professionals the opportunity to learn and network. When you look at the list you will most probably find one that is relatively nearby for you:

  • IDUG Db2 Data and Analytics Technical Summit in Bengaluru, India 2018 – March 27
  • IDUG Db2 Data and Analytics Technical Summit in Chennai, India 2018 – March 29
  • 2018 IDUG Tech Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA - April 29 - May 03
  • Data Tech Summit Sao Paulo, Brazil -tbd: Southern hemisphere winter
  • Data Tech Summit Brasilia, Brazil -tbd: Southern hemisphere winter
  • Data Tech Summit Buenos Aires , Argentina -tbd: Southern hemisphere winter
  • Data Tech Summit Toronto, Canada – tbd: Northern hemisphere summer
  • IDUG Db2 Education Event Australasia 2018 - September
  • 2018 IDUG & IBM Data Tech Summit at Silicon Valley Lab, San Jose, California, USA – October 8-10
  • IDUG Db2 Tech Conference in Malta 2018 - November 4-8

We have been trying to extend our target audience for some time now by organizing the Data Tech Summits and we will be investing more to make IDUG  meaningful for developers as well.  We are planning a special developer’s day during the 2018 IDUG Tech Conference in Philadelphia. It has not been decided yet which specific day that will be, but we will update our web pages as soon as possible (including the agenda). It has been confirmed, though, that there will be no registration fee. We will also organize a developer’s day in London, UK, and that is currently planned for the beginning of July. A round table discussion questioning which topics to cover as a first start resulted in the following four topics: Python, devops, RESTful, and json. Feedback about which topics you would like to see covered would be very nice. Totally coincidentally the content team’s topic of February is RESTful.

May I request that you share this news with your colleague developers?

In my previous blog I mentioned that the board would be discussing how we would share recorded content from previous conferences and online streaming events and that discussion has resulted in the following changes to our model. In the near future we will have three types of membership: the registered member, the conference member, and the premium member. The registered member is someone who has registered to become a member of IDUG and is happy with general shared content, teasers of content, sponsored content (webcasts, articles, etc.) and conference presentations of +12 months old. The conference member is someone who attended any of our conferences, has access to all of the benefits a registered member has, plus immediate access to conference presentations of the conference attended, together with the recorded materials of that conference, as soon as possible after that conference. A premium member gets all of the benefits of a registered member plus the protected content. On top, a premium member will get a $100/€100 discount in case he/she registers to attend any of our conferences within 12 months after registering as premium member. You will have to register to become a premium member and we intend to charge $99/€99. For those who want to seize the most benefit, you sign up as a premium member and then register for one - three conferences. In the latter case you would win $/€ 300 - $/€99. I hope to have the premium membership available by the end of September 2018. We still have a lot to do to make navigation through all the recorded sessions customer friendly and we are currently thinking about developing a nice looking landing page for it on our webpage. For those sessions that will become available for the general public, we’d like to put them on YouTube.    As a last item I would like to remind you that you can Save €576 with the “LOYALTYEMEA18” Discount Code until Thursday, 1 March 2018, for our EMEA event in November.

As always, don’t hesitate to drop me an e-mail in case you have suggestions, remarks or comments. I can be reached at

I hope to see/hear you at one of our next events.

Luc Vandaele



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Premium Member

February 27, 2018 07:20 AM by Maira de Melo

Hello! I wonder where we can register as premium members. Couldn't find in the website.

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