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I just want to give a short update about a few of the projects we are working on.

In this e-bulletin you will find, without a doubt, promotion about our approaching events in India and the conference in North America. We will send out an e-mail highlighting sessions for developers during the conference. For developers able to travel to Philadelphia for one day, we will organize a developer’s day, likely on the Wednesday of the conference. Keep an eye on your mailbox to receive more detailed information.

Progress on our events in Latin America is that we are also considering going to Mexico. We are currently securing the locations and based on that will determine the exact dates.

Our website for Spanish-speaking Db2 users is live at www.idug.org/es and we will create links to switch between the sites. That website is a start and I hope we can grow it organically by receiving enough interest from the community.

Not so much progress for our premium membership, apart from our target date to offer, which is mid-November 2018. That way everyone can enjoy the advantages for 2019. A task force is assigned to mainly work on the changes the websites will need to support the facilities that will be provided for the premium members.

With regrets I’m almost retiring from IDUG as president. The IDUG Board of Directors slate for 2018-2019 is now open for voting. Please review the slate and vote!  Don’t worry too much about me; I will be around for at least another year to continue working on optimizing our governance structure, organizing the Latin America events and the premium membership, continuing the website consumeability project, increasing our value for developers, and enjoying networking.

With time pressure and so much left to do, I conclude this blog for this month. I hope we can meet at one of our events in the near future to chat.

As always, don’t hesitate to drop me an e-mail in case you have suggestions, remarks, or comments. I can be reached at luc.vandaele@idug.org.

Luc Vandaele

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