The Db2 Parallel Universe

DB2/LUW is a relational database the can be used for many types of applications, from operational systems running very high number of users and transaction to data marts and large data warehouses. DB2 is particularly good at running complex query and analytical processing on a variety of hardware configurations. Since all modern hardware contains multiple cores and CPUs, and many systems are composed of multiple machines, it is critical that DB2 run individual queries across all available computing resources to meet the ever increasing performance demands of business users. This session will provide details on how DB2 parallelizes query execution in various system configurations, from single node machines to clustered configurations. It will contrast how query parallelism behaves for row and column-organized tables and how to identify parallel operators in the query access plan using the explain facility. Details on how the query optimizer chooses parallelization strategies and the various external controls and monitoring features will also be provided.

This presentation is from the IDUG EMEA 2017 Conference.

John is a Senior Technical Staff Member responsible for relational database query optimization on IBM's distributed platforms. This technology is part of Db2, Db2 Warehouse, Db2 on Cloud and the Big SQL feature of Big Insights. John also works closely with customers to help them maximize their benefits from IBM's relational DB technology products.


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